Gaston Grizzly


meet Gaston Grizzly Grizzly.  Gaston is 26" long on all 4's, and 20" tall when seated on his haunches.  cut from a lush, realistic faux fur with black gaurd hairs, Gaston has trapunto leather paw pads, a leather nose and eyelids and polymer claws.  he has a unified body with a locline neck and spine, wired ears, 15 working joints and poseable paws that can hold his gosling and can.  there is a diagram below that explains Gastons jointing system.  his limbs aren't just wired or loclined, they have joints in the same places that real bears do - including 3 in each front leg and a wired & disk-jointed tail.  Gaston weighs about 8 pounds, has a big, squishy bear beer belly and can be posed and played with endlessly.  Gaston's personalized leather 'tin' can is included and has annealed wire sewn into the upper rim for more posing fun

Gaston's good buddy Bartyn Black Bear appears in a few pictures, he is available separately here


sorry, this bad boy has found a home. . .I have a enough of this fur for one more - can I build a bear for you? please email


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