Bartyn Black Bear

meet Bartyn Black Bear - the first ever adult black bear from KD&CO.  Cut from a long, lush, black faux fur with a super-silky hand, he is 24" long from the tip of his leather nose to the end of his wired-and-disk-jointed tail.  Bartyn has a complete internal armature and can be played with and posed like a real bear.  he has four joints in each forearm, three in each rear leg, with all four paws wire through the claws. (his limbs aren't just wired, they're jointed and don't bend where they're not supposed to) top-appliqued trapunto leather paw pads (each pad stuffed from behind with a tweezers), wired ears, German glass eyes with leather eyelids, and a soft-sculpted and airbrushed muzzle.  Bartyn weighs just over five pounds and is squeezably soft cand cuddly.

Bartyn is show with his best friend, 26" Gaston Grizzly in several pictures.  Gaston is available separately here

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sorry, this bad boy has found a home. . .I have a enough of this fur for one more - can I build a bear for you? please email


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