meet Regina Ballerina. ..  only 12 inches tall but sporting 15 joints.  cut from Schulte feathered country mohair with trapunto leather paw pads, leather claws, and a sculpter leather nose, Regina has a triple-jointed neck, joints at her shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles and her paws are poseable to the tips of her claws.  Regina wears a tunic made of vintage linen overlayed with antique net lace from the 1880's.  the tunic fastens behind the neck with vintage silk velvet straps and is trimmed with handmade silk roses.  Regina's tutu is made from layers and layers of tiny tulle fastened to a vintage pink velvet waistband and tied with silk ribbons.  she carry's a star's bouquet of vintage hat florals tied in a silk wrapper




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