Godfrey Grizzly

 Godfrey is a whopping 32” and 15 pounds of grizzly charm. He’s done in a foxy colored faux fur, shaded from silver to red over a dark base. I didn’t do any air-brushing or coloring. I pieced the muzzle in using a bit of short, tipped alpaca from my stash - I was worried that he’d have too dark of a face if I used just the coat-fur for the entire bear, as it has a very dark base, but the alpaca was colored in the reverse and I think worked out very well. Godfrey has big, trapunto leather paw pads & claws, a sculpted leather nose & eyelids over German glass eyes. He is rod-jointed with 7 disk joints (2 neck, shoulders, hips and tail) 3 joints in each arm, at the knees & ankles. wrists are rotational, fingers and toes are poseable. cans and veggies are leather



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