Beauregard Black Bear

meet Beauregard Black Bear, 32" of cuddly fun. cut from a beautiful shaggy black faux fur with a contrasting muzzle, Beau has trapunto leather paw pads, a sewn & sculpted leather nose, leather eyelids and claws. Beauregard is built over a complex internal armature and has 15 joints with a poseable neck and spine and weighs in at over 12 pounds.  Beau has joints the same places a real bear does - including hip, knee & ankle in the rear legs, and 4 joints in each front leg, inc the double shoulder joint. his 15th joint is his disk-jointed tail - which is also wired.  all 4 paws are wired through to the claws and can be shaped to hold and grasp objects.  the armature is designed to move only at the joints with bones between the joints so he can be posed realistically

. Beauregard comes wih his own personalized leather can, goslings are available seperately but are not included. 



 I have enough of this fur for one more bear - can I build a bear for you? , please email to inquire


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