I was focusing on grizzly bears this year, tracking the physiological changes that occur between cub and adult. Gabriel represents my most ‘adult’ bear to date, with a lot of pattern changes including 30% smaller feet, a radically altered neckline, a longer, thinner body and a smaller face. he’s also my first realistic bear with a contrasting muzzle. Gabe is about 18” long and 10” high at the shoulder and is made of super-dense Tissavel faux with an inset muzzle and has leather paw pads, nose and eyelids. he has leather claws – a new, stiffer claw attached to a re-designed armature allowing for more poses with more lateral movement. Gabriel has 4 disk joints and 10 mechanical joints, along with a complete neck and spine-to-tail backbone. Gabriel comes with his 5” silver leather trashcan and assorted leather can and bottles with ‘vintage’ labels